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  • Website Design

    Affordable web design services.

    At Red Web Hosting we provide all the tools and services you need to build your own professional looking websites. However, we are often asked for specific design services so the following website design solutions are available ...
  • White Hat is website design company based in Kent.

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Premium Service
All servers are in the UK and are fully managed by engineers 24/7. Performance is excellent with nearly all of our servers achieving a constant 100% uptime.

Personal Support
Red consider our customer support levels to be second to none and our UK team make it easy for you to receive telephone and email assistance when you need it most.

Easily Move Your Hosting
REd make it very easy for you to move from your existing host provider. Place an order and within 20 minutes you will be able to start building your new site on our servers. Then when ready to go live you can update the DNS and move the domain across. In this way there will be minimum disruption to your existing email and website services.









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